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Book a green waste collection

Residents can make a booking to have bundled green waste collected. Each residential property is entitled to a maximum of one collection per cycle - one in October and one in April.

Book a green waste collection

Booked green waste collection requirements:

  • Must be booked by 2pm Friday for the following week's collection
  • A minimum of 1/2 cubic metre and a maximum of two cubic metres will be picked up in each collection
  • Branches and prunings must be tied firmly with string or twine and in a size that can be lifted by one person
  • Bundled green waste will only be collected from the naturestrip and at the kerb of the street frontage (or sideage of a corner property)
  • The contractor will not enter private property to pick up any bundled green waste
  • The service is available for properties classed as residential.

Items eligible for collection are:

  • Prunings and tree branches less than 75mm in diameter and 1.5m in length (securely tied with string or twine in bundles of up to 300mm diameter)
  • Single tree limbs from 75mm to 200mm in diameter, free of branches and/or leaves and neatly stacked
  • Tree roots that can be lifted by one person.

Items that cannot be collected include:

  • Loose untied, bagged, boxed, binned or bundled leaves, grass, weeds, ivy and soil
  • Rose bushes or thorny plants
  • Ivy, bamboo and palm trees or branches
  • Timber and tree stumps
  • Branches exceeding 1.5m in length or 75mm in diameter
  • Material containing wire or nails
  • Green waste tied with wire, plastic string or ties, stockings or other non-organic materials.
  • Organic waste from food production or processing.

A to Z Guide (Green waste calendar)

In late March, A to Z recycling and waste guides were distributed to all Boroondara residents.

This new guide features Area A and Area B green waste calendars for the next three years (2016-17, 2017-18 and 2018-19) and a comprehensive guide to the City of Boroondara’s waste services.In addition to the green waste calendar, the guide features information on the following:

  • Waste collection made safe and easy – helpful tips for residents to make the weekly waste collection safe and easy.
  • Composting and worm farms – a guide to sustainable ways to significantly reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfill.
  • Weekly household waste collection – what you can and can’t dispose of in your household waste bin.
  • Weekly recycling collection – what items you can put in your recycling bin.
  • Computers, e-waste and household chemicals – guide to what items can be disposed of as part of the Detox your Home initiative and     Council’s e-waste recycling program.
  • Fortnightly green waste and seasonal bundled green waste collections – find out what you can dispose of as part of the fortnightly and booked green waste collections.
  • Recycling and waste centres – all you need to know about the opening hours and services provided at Boroondara’s two recycling and waste centres.
  • Booked hard waste collection – information on what can be disposed of as part of the booked hard waste collection services.
  • A to Z guide to waste and recycling disposal – a exhaustive list of what items can be disposed of as part of which City of Boroondara recycling and waste service.

Here are PDF versions of the calendar for areas A and B:

  • Area A - Green waste collection calendar
  • Area B - Green waste collection calendar

By having an understanding of what can and can’t be disposed of as part of which service, and also adopting sustainable living practices such as composting and worm farms, you can help tonnes of items avoid landfill.
If you have not received your A to Z recycling and waste guide, phone Customer Service on 9278 4444.

Order a green waste bin

Council has an optional fortnightly green waste collection service for your garden clippings. Green waste bins are available for a one off fee of $117 for your first or second bin. Download an order form to purchase a green waste bin for your property. 

Green waste is taken to a processing plant and converted into compost, mulch or soil additives and enhancers.

For Occupational Health and Safety reasons, green waste will not be collected in owner-provided containers, plastic bags, boxes or in bundles. Council will only collect green waste from Council bins.

Green waste bin content

You can put in your green waste bin:

  • lawn clippings and weeds
  • leaves
  • light prunings
  • larger prunings cut to fit in the bin.

You can't put in your green waste bin:

  • recyclables and household waste
  • ash, stones, soil, hard waste, timber and fencing
  • painted, treated or wire contaminated timber, laminex, plywood or chipboard
  • plastic bags, or green waste in plastic bags
  • cardboard or polystyrene boxes
  • plastic or any type of pots.

Green waste that is contaminated by these items, or any non-organic material, cannot be collected.