Report a bin problem

Let us know if your bin is damaged, lost or if we have missed your bin collection.

Report a bin problem

When will the issue be resolved?

  • Damaged bin: on your next collection day, put your bin out as normal. Once it is empty, please leave it out until 5pm so we can carry out an on-the-spot repair. If we are unable to fix it on that day, please follow the same process on your next collection day.
  • Lost bin: we will drop off a replacement bin within two business days.
  • Missed collection: we will return within three business days to collect your bin (if reported within two business days of being missed).

When will my bin be collected?

Book a free hard or green waste collection

Green waste

Residents can book an extra kerbside collection in April and October, each year. See Green waste collections.

Hard waste

Residents can book two hard waste collections each financial year. To find out what can and can’t be collected, and to make a booking, see Hard waste collections.