Are you looking to set up or trial selling your product/service for a short period of time?

Do you have available retail/commercial space to share?

Pop-ups are retail/commercial businesses and experiences that are established for a short period of time at temporary venues. This concept has been popular overseas over recent years, and is an emerging trend in Australia.

Pop-up allow shopping centres and businesses to create unique environments that engage customers, generate a feeling of relevancy, test markets, diversify products, contribute to lowering overheads and assist in filling vacancies in a difficult economic climate. Pop-up provide an opportunity to creatively use retail/commercial space.

Benefits for pop-up operators or tenants

Access a new audience

  • Taking a product from online to real world.
  • Taking a product beyond the immediate catchment of existing premises.

Test a business idea/reduce overheads

  • A way to test your product with less risk (i.e. not locked into long term lease).

Expand your market

  • Target a specific new audience that might frequent other locations than current place of business.
  • To promote the brand name to broader audience.

For property owners or agents

Activation and promotion of space for lease

  • Activation of a space shows how it can be used effectively and in turn promotes the fact the space is available for lease.
  • Provides a creative and flexible response to commercial arrangements for the use of space.

Maintenance of asset whilst awaiting new tenants

  • Pop-up operators will look after the space and make it more presentable to future tenants. They also provide added security from vandalism as the space does not appear neglected.

Promotion of agent or owner as contributing to community renewal

  • Pop-up shops can be uiltised as an advertising opportunity for the property owner or agent who wishes to show they are supporting the local business community.

Register your interest

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Alternatively, for further information you can call 9278 4879 or email

Take your product/service to market

You can also trial your product or service at the following markets.

Camberwell Sunday Market.

For further information about the market and to book a stall visit

Hawthorn Craft Market.

For further information about the market and to book a stall visit

Kew Night Market.

For further information about the market and to book a stall visit

The Pop-up Pilot Project

In 2012/13, we applied and successfully obtained Streetlife grant funding for a pilot project aimed at supporting and re-energising vacant spaces by establishing pop-up shops in the municipality's local shopping centres.

The Boroondara Pop-up Shop Pilot Project researched the benefits of pop ups, types of pop ups, governance models and best practice examples.

Pop-up opportunities were identified and a pilot trial was undertaken.

A framework has been developed for pop ups to occur in vacant shops, public spaces and at markets/events and provides a base of information to assist potential pop-up operators.

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