Get to know your customer

We have created a series of demographic profiles for key shopping centres throughout the City.

The following reports provide an insight into the demographics of potential customers who live near each of our major shopping centres.

By understanding who lives and works in the local area businesses can make more informed decisions and choices around how to engage and service their customers to sustain and grow their business. 

The Boroondara Pocket Book

The Boroondara Pocket Book: Your Insider’s Guide to Melbourne’s East is the first publication of its kind in Victoria and unlocks this and many other facts and hidden treasures about Boroondara.

The pocket book reveals:

  • the best retail, culinary and cultural experiences in Boroondara
  • quirky facts
  • insider tips
  • historical flashbacks
  • picnic spots.

If you would like to order a copy of the Pocket Book, submit a request online.

Are you a not-for-profit organisation requiring assistance?

Consider engaging student volunteers from Swinburne University. Swinburne University has a diverse pool of skilled students willing to assist.

Students can assist with:

  • administration tasks
  • event organising
  • event management
  • marketing and Promotion
  • public relations, photography, videography

Students come from a range of discipline areas:

  • Business and Enterprise
  • Science, Engineering and Information Technology
  • Arts, Health and Design.


  • Alleviate tight deadlines and low resources.
  • Contribute to community by engaging students.
  • Promote networking opportunities between businesses and students.
  • Improve future employability for students.

To register or login visit SwinEmploy.

For more information phone Shirley Martinow from Swinburne on 9214 4875 or our Economic Development team on 9278 4081.

Business grant quick-links

Business security kit

View the Victoria Police Business Security Kit, which includes information regarding personal safety, fraudulent activities, credit card fraud, electronic crime (E-Crime), and steps you can take to increase your safety within your business.

Visual Merchandising

Learn how to show off your store and display merchandise in creative ways to attract customers and make more sales.

Council is offering hands-on visual merchandising training sessions to teach these important sales skills. Learn tips and tricks from the experts to convert walk-by traffic to walk-in traffic.

If you have a venue that can accommodate 8-10 people and could host a visual merchandising session in your shopping centre, call 9278 4081.

Can’t wait to attend a session?

Download our Visual Merchandising mini guide and learn how to attract, entice and delight your customers by creating an experience that will keep them coming back.